Top Reasons You Should Watch The NFL At a Mesa Football Bar

Sitting at home on your couch, nervously refreshing your computer browser to get the latest updates on the NFL Draft is a thing of the past. In 2022, you can relax at a sports bar while enjoying a cold one and watching the draft on a large 4K TV.

Whether you are looking forward to seeing which players will improve your favorite team or you’re simply a fan of the draft itself, watching football with friends is always a good time. Continue reading to see how to enjoy the game in a Mesa football bar

Top Reasons You Should Watch The NFL At a Mesa Football Bar In Arizona

Get The Best Table For Great Views

Nothing can match up to the sound and visuals of the stadium, but it may be difficult to get tickets (especially for the price). In that case, there’s nothing like finding a nice seat at a sports bar. 

You can catch all the action on an HD screen TV while enjoying a great environment with your best friends or family. Just remember to visit the sports bar well in advance to avoid missing out on the best tables. If possible, reserve the table a few hours in advance.

Order Craft Beer To Have A Nice Time

You can enjoy delicious drinks at the stadium, but at prices much higher than usual. In a sports bar, you can get your drinks in a comfortable environment (and at a more affordable price). 

Besides, there’s nothing like being able to choose a craft beer from an extensive list of drinks. Craft beers are the best company for an exciting game. Plus, they are an excellent choice for people who want to drink something different for the occasion. 

From American pale ale to Hefeweizen, you decide the craft beer that’s better for your 2022 NFL Draft experience in a Mesa football bar.

In short, do not forget to get an ice-cold drink or a craft beer served while you watch the game and enjoy it with your friends. 

Get Delicious Food At The Best Moment

You have the table, you have the craft beer, you have the best companion, and now it is time to choose the best food!

Watching games at a sports bar is much better than watching it in another place because you can eat delicious food for an affordable price. Besides, you don’t have to get out of your seat, you receive your food on the table! 

In a sports bar, you can decide which type of food is better for the occasion. Burgers, wraps, sandwiches, Southwest chicken, the choice is yours! 

What we do recommend is to consider the time and the people you’re sharing with. Sometimes it’s a good idea to get starters like chicken tenders, onion rings, or quesadillas and then go to the main dish. Be sure to ask your friends or family members first so that you can all enjoy your favorite food. 

Watch The Game With Friends

With your favorite food and drinks on the table, everything is ready to enjoy the game at your Mesa bar. The main idea is to prepare the environment with everything you need to make this experience unforgettable, especially if you want to have a great time with your family or friends.

In a sports bar, you can enjoy the excitement of the game with fans as passionate as you. This place is the perfect meeting point to meet more people interested in NFL games and thus build an amazing community. After all, there’s nothing like being part of a sports fandom and enjoying each game to the fullest!

You Can Watch The 2022 NFL Draft In O’Kelleys

Now that you know how to enjoy the 2022 NFL Draft at a sports bar, we invite you to have an amazing time at O’Kelley’s Sports Bar & Grill.

With more than 20 years of service, O’Kelley’s Sports Bar & Grill is the favorite meeting place for many sports fans in Mesa. Here you can enjoy a varied menu, which includes delicious craft beers and a large number of dishes to satisfy your palate. From chicken tenders to big hot dogs, you’ll surely find something to enjoy while watching your favorite games with the best company.

We invite you to watch the 2022 NFL Draft with us so you don’t miss any details of the game because we have the best TVs and services to make that night unforgettable. We’ll wait for you at 2120 W. Guadalupe Rd!


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