A Useful Guide To Improve Your Horse Race Betting Skills In Arizona

People have been placing bets on horse races ever since horses became domesticated. If you know what you’re doing, betting on the outcome of a horse race can be both fun and profitable. Make the whole process even more fun by placing your bets and watching the race at a Mesa off track horse betting bar with your friends! Before you bet on the big race, read this guide to learn the basics and improve your chances of winning.

A Useful Guide To Improve Your Horse Race Betting Skills In Mesa, AZ

Types Of Horse Racing Wagers Available To Bettors

If you are new to horse racing, you can make an online account with a racebook so you can place your bets that way. Of course, you can also keep it simple and bet between your friends at a Mesa horse racing bar. There are two basic types of bets to learn about: straight bets and exotic bets.

Straight Derby Bets

Straight bets are pretty simple and a good way to get started with betting at a Mesa horse racing bar. Here are the three types:

  • Win Bets

The type of bet that normally comes to mind when people think about horse racing, a win bet is simply betting which horse will win in a particular race. If your choice crosses the finish line first, you get the payout.

  • Place Bet

This is similar to win bets, but is a bet on which horse will get second place in the race. Since this is a little easier to guess than who will win first place, the payouts for betting place are usually half or even less than you would get for a win bet.

  • Show Bets

In horse racing, the third place is called a show. Like place betting, you’ll get a payout if your horse finishes third in the race. Payouts are very small, with low profitability, but also carry low risk.

Exotic Bets: Higher Payout

While a simple bet is a fun and easy way to get started with betting at a Mesa off track horse betting bar, an exotic bet is more complicated and also offers the chance for a much higher payout. Exotic bets fall into two categories: horizontal and vertical. Horizontals will require you to guess the winner of two, three, four, or more races in a row. Verticals challenge bettors to choose the exact order of either the winner and second place horse; the first, second, and third place horses, or even the first four horses in a particular race. Since the likelihood of getting the first several horses in the right order is extremely low, there’s potential to make a large payout with an exotic bet. Here are the subcategories of exotic bets.

  • Daily Double

The original exotic bet, a daily double is essentially a two race parlay. You’ll need to pick the winner of two races in a row in order to win.

  • Pick 3

This is one step beyond a double. To win, select the winner of three consecutive races.

  • Pick 4

As you might have guessed, choose the winner of four straight races before the racing begins.

  • Pick 5

Predict the winner of five races in a row.

  • Pick 6

This might be the toughest bet of all in horse racing. Determine the winner of six straight races and cash in a huge payout.

  • Exacta

This is when you choose the first and second place finishers in a particular race in the right order.

  • Trifecta

To win a trifecta, select the first three finishers of the race, in the right order.

  • Superfecta

Another of the hardest bets in horse racing, correctly guess the first four finishers of the race and in what order they will cross the line.

Just like sports bettors can choose from different types of wagers, horse racing has a wide variety of ways for you to bet. Start with something simple and work your way to the more challenging bets as your luck and strategy improves. Of course, just like other types of betting, the types that are easier to win will have to lower odds, while the more difficult wagers can be very lucrative. When you join your friends at a Mesa horse racing bar for the big race, take some time to learn how it all works. Be sure to make only small bets until you understand how it works. Always gamble responsibly and never bet more money than you are willing to lose.

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