What Is The Best Way To Watch The NFL During COVID?

For many of our customers, football season is the best time of the year, and with all the changes to our world since 2020, we’re so glad that the NFL is back! Although ongoing COVID restrictions mean that football games still look and feel a bit different than they used to, the anticipation and suspense felt by the fans hasn’t changed.

Even better, you know what else hasn’t changed? O’Kelley’s Bar and Grill in Mesa is still the best place in Mesa to get together with your buddies to watch the game. We are the ultimate game day destination, providing you with a delicious menu, comfortable seating, and a fun atmosphere to enjoy every minute with other diehard fans.

The Best Way To Watch The NFL During COVID In Mesa, AZ

Why Watch The NFL Games at O’Kelley’s Sports Bar & Grill

Here are the top reasons why a Mesa football bar is the best place to spend this coming NFL season.

1. You can enjoy the football fan experience without the hassle of traveling to a stadium.

With ongoing COVID restrictions and concerns about being exposed to the virus while sitting in a very large crowd, some fans are hesitant to fill the seats at their favorite team’s stadium. The next best thing is joining other fans at your local sports bar and grill with other people who love the sport, whether they are passionate fans or casual observers. Come to the sports bar that is a favorite destination for locals and travelers, where every football weekend is loads of fun and camaraderie.

2. Our menu takes your favorite game day snacks and makes them even better – without the hassle of dishes or preparation!

All sports fans know that one of the best parts of football parties is the food. At O’Kelley’s, you’ll find that we’ve taken all the classic game day dishes and upgraded them, so you have plenty of delicious options at your local Mesa bar. Share a platter of our signature chicken wings with the friends at your table, or take a big bite of a delicious cheeseburger cooked to your specifications with all the fixings. We also offer juicy all-beef hot dogs, salads, sandwiches, and a full menu of appetizers that are sure to please. Or show up early before the game for one of our famous breakfasts. Our menu has something for everyone to enjoy!

3. We offer a full bar menu that’s more than just the basic beers.

Whether you’re needing a celebratory drink at a Mesa Green Bay Packers bar for your team’s win or a pick me up to nurse through a difficult loss, O’Kelley’s drink menu has an impressive variety for every fan. Check out our draft menu for dozens of the most popular beers, or ask your server for the list of local and seasonal craft brews that we have available. If beer isn’t your style, we also have a wide selection of liquor and spirits to enjoy. Raise your glass to victory!

4. You can snag a great deal with one of our specials.

O’Kelley’s has one of the best happy hour experiences in Mesa, with loads of great deals and plenty of activities to enjoy, whether it’s on the day of the big game or a weeknight that needs some excitement. We keep things fresh with new food and drink deals, live music, fun activities, and of course darts and craps on any day you’re here.

5. Get comfortable and enjoy every minute of the game without the cleanup.

Join the perfect hangout spot in Mesa with fellow NFL fans for a great time. We offer comfortable seating, plenty of AC, spacious tables, and a welcoming bar so you can be sure to have a fun and relaxing time. Best of all, you get to enjoy the game and go home afterward without having to deal with any of the work or cleanup!

Go For The Win By Watching The NFL At The Best Mesa Sports Bar & Grill

If you’re looking for the best place to enjoy NFL game day and cheer on your favorite team, check out O’Kelley’s Sports Bar and Grill in Mesa. Our large menu of mouth-watering appetizers and main dishes is sure to satisfy and leave you feeling full all the way to overtime. Wash it all down with a craft beer or liquor of your liking while enjoying great company and watching all the plays on our big screens. O’Kelley’s is the top game day destination to join your friends or make new ones.


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