Top Tips To Win On Horse Race Betting In a Mesa Sports Bar

A Mesa sports bar and grill is one of the best places to enjoy horse racing. You can relax with your friends, watch the races on the big screen, and enjoy the great food and atmosphere. If you’re lucky, you might even take home some cash! Check out these tips to help you win big.

What is the Best Way to Bet on Horse Racing?

Take Some Time to Prepare

This may seem obvious, but take some time the day before to review the card and see who is racing so you can be prepared to save your money for the races you care about the most. It’s always a disappointment to get toward the end of the card and find out that the horse you feel the strongest about is up next, but you’ve already spent all of your money.

Budget Carefully

This can be one of the hardest parts of betting on horse races, because everyone loves the actions of having a bit of cash on every race. It takes discipline to pass a race. But if you want to get a better chance of winning a lot of cash, and you love a couple of the horses on the card, it’s usually best to bet the majority of your money on two or three of the runners. Save a few dollars for the races where you don’t have a strong opinion on the horses but want to have a little extra action.

Bet to Win

When people start placing bets at a Mesa horse racing bar, they often make across the board bets because it seems like a safe place to start, but the chances of winning are pretty low. Instead, try making large win bets on two or three horses who have a solid chance of winning. Then you’ll only need one of those horses to win in order to go home with a nice profit. If you put too much money into place and show bets, you’ll often need all three horses to run well in order for you to win much of anything.

Don’t bet on two or more horses to win the same race. This may seem like a guaranteed way to win a profit, but the problem is that at least one of those bets is guaranteed to lose, so it’s not a recipe for success in the long run. 

Aim High with Your Bets

Another option is to try some exotic bets, such as a trifecta or a Pick 4. These types of bets leave you with the chance of winning big. If there aren’t enough options on the card that you feel good about, you can always fall back on a straight win bet. Half of the fun of betting on horse races is the thrill of winning big, so don’t be afraid to aim high with your bets! 

Identify the Vulnerable Favorites on the Card

Identify some of the horses who are favored to win the races. Sometimes the key to a successful wager isn’t about picking a winner, but figuring out who is vulnerable. You could get lucky with a great opportunity to win when a significant percentage of others are betting on a popular favorite. But if your resources are dedicated to finding better value on the ticket, you just might get lucky at a Mesa off track horse betting bar!

Skip the Jackpot Wager

It’s tempting to wager a lot on the jackpot, especially when it enters the six-figure range. But just like PowerBall, the odds are against you when it comes to jackpot wager, and the amount of money you’ll walk away with can be misleading. Usually at least 25% of the money in the pool will be carried over to the next day, plus the consolation payouts that often must take place. One exception is when there is a mandatory payout for all the bettors at the end of a big weekend of racing. But in most cases, you’re better off with your standard bets.

Bet on the Horse Races at the Best Sports Bar in Mesa

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